Elevation difference between Zwift & Strava

I’ve recently noticed differences in the elevation when my Zwift ride uploads to Strava. This seems to happen on both solo and group meet up rides. In my last meet up, we all showed the same results in Zwift companion but when looking at Strava, my elevation is 65m less. In today’s ride, the elevation was 26m in Zwift and then 17m in Strava. Is there a setting or something else that I can check to figure out why this is happening? I just find it bizarre to see such differences especially when the group does the exact same ride in the meet up.

I just stalked your Strava and Companion App rides - that is strange! I checked some rides back as far as Oct and they are the same. The distances are different too but not enough to explain the elevation difference.

What trainer are you using and what sensors do you have paired?

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Hi Dean,
I’m using a Wahoo Kickr and I believe it’s paired using bluetooth (I’m not super tech savvy). I didn’t notice the big difference in elevation until doing Meet Up rides and seeing the results between my friend and my ride. I know that trainer elevation isn’t the same as real world elevation but the discrepancy is very odd and I wonder why it’s happening. Any thoughts?

Well you are using a reliable platform (I use a Kickr also) so its unlikely to be that - have you done a recent spindown using the Wahoo app?

Is it the Kickr 5 (latest model)?

This is odd - Strava uses your fit file. Zwift should be using it at the conclusion of your rides too so the data should be the same.

Are you on Zwiftpower? I did try to find you there but couldnt find you.

I’m at a bit of a loss as to what it might be at the moment but like a good challenge so when I have time tonight or tomorrow I’ll go through a couple of your activities in a bit more detail. In the meantime hopefully someone here has some ideas.

I do a spindown every 2-3 weeks and have the second most recent kickr. Can’t remember the model number fifth now but it’s the one before the moving legs/feet.
I am not on zwift power.
Good luck with this challenge and I appreciate your help!

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I went back to what looks to be the beginning of your Zwift career - this issue has been there the whole time though some rides exaggerate it more. Its approx 10% out (under reporting in Strava).

So a few things to check. In Strava, when you edit one of your virtual rides, does it show the Sport type as Virtual Ride?

Next thing to look at is in the Wahoo App you will have a Wheel Circumference setting - is it the correct setting? For a bike with 700c tires, you should have it around 2.09 ~ 2.16m.

I’m just guessing with those!

I used your Volcano 25lap ride with your friends as the example - you and JohnC both have similar distances in Strava and Zwift. You both have same elevation in Zwift. JohnC has same elevation in Strava as Zwift but you dont.

I also checked the forums for any chat about this type of problem - only found one unanswered post that was created back in 2016.

Thanks for the comments Dean! I did check my wheel circumference in Wahoo and it is 700c - it was originally the 23 and I changed it to 25 which is what it should be - not sure if that will make a difference or not.
The rides do show on Strava as virtual.
So this remains a mystery and I"m going to go with the fact that I am the glitch in the matrix?! lol

I dont think the difference between 700/23 and 25 is going to make a material difference. lol, yes, a glitch in the matrix is probably the best description. Fingers x’ed, someone comes across this thread and has the answer!