Disparity between ride data & total shown in profile

(Gareth Nelson) #1

Got my Beta invite yesterday and did a few laps last night. Fun!

Looking at my profile this morning, my ride data shows Elevation Gain of 368 Feet, but my summary above shows 366 Feet.

The time for the ride and my total time are also off by a minute.

Not a big deal, just wondering what causes that and if anyone else had noticed the same thing.

(Todd Rudisell) #2

Actually mine is way off from what shows in Strava data for my rides across multiple days. The elevation in Strava for my 30 miles on 1/28 shows 1572ft but my Zwift profile data only shows 1057ft. Strava elapsed time is also 4 mins less than Zwift profile time.

(Gareth Nelson) #3

That’s a good point too, but I figured the ride data wholly contained within Zwift should at least be consistent with the total displayed.

(Todd Rudisell) #4

I just downloaded last nights ride from my Zwift profile and imported to Connect. The data that the FIT file contains shows the same data as uploaded to Strava at the end of the ride.

(Karl Litterer) #5

I have noticed this also. The totals displayed in the summary page are what is in the fit file and uploaded to Strava, but the elevation results on my Zwift activity list show significantly less elevation.