Different stats in dashboard than on ride or in Strava?

Road today for 1:24. or so. When I completed the ride, I had passed 1200 feet of climbing. Now on my dashboard, that ride shows as 832 ft of elevation. But the Stava for the same ride shows 1237 of elevation, which is about what I remember from in-ride.

A basic manual for key bindings and things like the mobile app being on the same wifi network would make things alot easier for all testers coming in.

And I enjoy the island and the virtual challenge to the otherwise boring trainer rides.

Came to say the same thing from my ride yesterday. 1768 ft of elevation climbed according to Strava, but much less, 1189 on the Zwift dashboard. The during ride display was stating what is on Strava.

Hi everyone,

Can I get you to submit a ticket with that .FIT file as well as the log file of that ride in question?