Ride Statistics

(Ryan Streicker) #1

Is there a detailed ride stats report? I see on my dashboard where it shows avg watts, elevation, time and speed. But where is a more detailed race report that would show splits and such??

(Crystal Haggard ZHQ) #2

Strava is a great resource for more detailed ride information.   If you aren’t already a member, their basic membership is free and you can upload past fit files there as well as directly connect your Zwift account so it auto uploads. 

(Ryan Streicker) #3

Thanks Crystal! I just connected my Strava account with Zwift. It hasn’t uploaded any of my Zwift rides yet. Do you have any suggestions on how I get rides I’ve done on Zwift prior to connecting Strava to upload to Strava? When I synced my Garmin with Strava all my previous workouts just appeared. Thanks for your help! I think you stole my QOM jersey this morning!?? :wink:

(Crystal Haggard ZHQ) #4

You’ll have to go to your Zwift website dashboard and download the fit file for each ride and manually upload it to Strava.  Here is a link for detailed instructions. https://support.zwift.com/hc/en-us/articles/202257019-Can-I-upload-my-workouts-to-Strava-Does-Zwift-generate-a-fit-file- 

Just make sure you set your workouts to “virtual ride” when you upload and you’ll be good to go! 

(Michael Hancock (Quarq)) #5

Let me throw this out there-

Could you include the jerseys taken and the time held to each Activity Log entry (My Feed)?

(Andy Spratley) #6

So far, for me, Zwift only pushes the overall ride details to Strava; but, none of the splits. For example, did the shorter FTP tonight; but, only see the overall ride details.  Cannot breakout any of the split statistics.


Can I upload my workouts to Cycleops Virtual Training?

(Jony Chandra) #8

I would be nice for user to be able to adjust the settings and look at the stats of the splits outside the virtual ride, like a dedicated site.


(Sean Goggin STDMN) #9

So, tell me again why I have to sign up for an additional app to use your app?


(Gerrie Delport) #10

The two complement each other. Swift let you train and makes it fun to get fit. Strava show you post ride statistics and let you compare your effort.

No need to reinvent the wheel. In summer you can keep on using strava to keep track of your rides out doors on a real bike, that way you have it all in one place.