Access to ride data

I would love to be able to download my ride data, so I can put it on Training Peaks, or have it upload automatically to TP.

For the sake of discussion, what specific data would you like to see? We have the data that’s already shown during your ride, but if there are additional numbers you’d like to see that we aren’t already tracking, please let us know.

Thanks for the suggestion!

That’s the information I would like to be able to download, the HR profile, power profile, climbing profile, etc. Having the data on the screen is great during the ride, but I would like to do some post-ride analysis of the information. Like I said, the info available during the ride is exactly what I need.

Hi Ian, all data files (.fit) are in “Documents/Zwift/Activities”.

Thanks, Jon!

Oh, that’s great to know. Thanks!

Found the ride data and posted today’s trainer ride to Strava. I notice that the data file actually generates a course map showing Zwift Island! Pretty cool.

Regarding Strava or any other social media for that matter, are we allowed to make reference to Zwift or that the data was generated within the Zwift environment?

Tried the files. What I found is that TrainingPeaks and Strava accepted the file, GarminConnect however refused it with “undefined”, whatever that means. I was able to import it to SportTracks and PerfPro-Analyzer. If someone cares I can try GoldenCheetah as well, but it’s on another computer.

So I could only compare their results.

TP came up with 264 m ascent while Strava reported 0 m (I think however, that this is because Strava does automatic elevation-correction). Zwift program itselft had something between 350 and 400 feet IIRC, and SportTracks had 271 m and PerfPro-Analyzer 289 m.

Power, heartrate and speed data is more or less consistent over the different tools - I’d say that the deviations are due to different calculation methods.

It’s very cool that the Zwift generated .fit file actually shows a course and map when uploaded to Strava. Even cooler that it shows who you rode with and links the rides together in the Dashboard display. Cooler still that you can create segments on Zwift rides (although the segment speeds are a little whacked at present!).

What if I Zwift-ed on Apple TV?  Where can I find my ride info.  Also, how do I change where it uploads to?

thanks, Meg