Ride stats -newbie question

Hi, I’ve completed my first accent of Alp du Zwift (57 mins, which i pretty proud of ;-)), and now id like to see that stats of the climb.
How do i do that? Id previously created a Zwift Power account and linked and i dont see any data. Is it ZP that i need to look, or elsewhere?

Thanks in advance!


Zwiftpower only saves races data.
I’ve had a quick look at your activity and it looks like a free ride.

However, congrats on your climb!!!

Hi Enzo, thanks for the reply! Indeed it was a free ride, not a race. I suspected this might be the case.

So it looks like the only way to get data would be to upgrade my Strava account?

No matter, I can work with what I have.



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Sorry I forgot to mention, races or group rides. As long as it’s an event.
If you look here :
Zwift Power - Segments - Alpe du Zwift
You will notice all the results are in Zwift events.

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Thanks Enzo!

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You can export the FIT file for the activity from Zwift on the web, and then analyse it somewhere else, e.g. GoldenCheetah. And you could manually load it into Strava if you don’t have that link set up.

do you have Zwift Companion App on your phone? cos if you have that you can view power/cadence/HR data for all your rides.

or just log in to Zwift here: The at Home Cycling & Running Virtual Training App to see your activity feed. click a ride and scroll down for graphs etc.

I do Ben, but I was hoping for time, power HR per climb section/hairpin.


Fair point, well made :relaxed:

You can still find out your overall and turn-by-turn stats without a Strava subscription. Look here for your stats if you’ve shared your ride metrics with Strava. You will obtain the segment times for all of the 22 legs of the climb (except one or two very short bits)

strava DOT COM/segments/17267489

15 April 2021
PS: apologies for the delayed reply… my account was placed in “read-only” mode for a fortnight and link/image privileges removed by Zwift moderators without explanation, warning, or notice.

Cheers Wes. Got it :grimacing:. Indeed misses a few shot section but works out.

Odd thing I noticed is that I can access it on my tablet, but it’s greyed out on my phone… Wierd.

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