Segments lap times issues


I’ve done 6 or more times the Alpe du Zwift, and I can’t see my times in Zwiftpower/Segments. In fact I can’t any segments lap times (I’ve done a lot).

Thank you for your help

I think ZP only count those done in a race/event

If you’re on Strava, you can get your Alpe (and every other so-called Zwift-Insider-Verified segment) in this manner, for example:

The other poster is correct: Only one of these 22 ascents is reported in ZwiftPower, which was in the context of a group ride. Your “free” ride metrics won’t be captured (or at least reported) by ZP.

Thank you but i’m not in strava. And I don’t see alpe du zwift KOM in zwiftpower for me.
The first in Zpower is 60+ and he climbs the Alpe in less than 30 min !!

7.5 w/kg for P20 !! How is it possible ? He is in the Kom and not me !