Segment missing from Zpoints

Hey all,

I raced in the Alpe du Zwift KOM Race on February 18th which, as the name suggests, went up the Alpe. I set a personal best time, and would love to have the Zpoints segment points show up on my profile, but have yet to see them show up.

Is this an issue with the ending point of the race? I know we covered the full climb to the arch, but could it be minutely different from the expected segment endpoint in zwiftpower?

Would love some help,


I have climbed the Alpe many times. Only my time of a year ago was recorded. Since, I ameliorate it many time over different races, but none of then have been recorded. This is not a question of the ending point of the race, because Zwift Power recorded other racer’s time on the same race. On the other hand, I can compare all my time on the Strava official segment.