Results not posted in Zwift power

I did the Tour of Watopia B race on March 17, 2022 at 13:00 My time was recorded as 100th Place in the B race and my time was 1:10:15. My time on Alpe du Zwift was 1:00:36. . My question is why was my time up Alpe du Zwift not recorded in Zwift power. I wore a HR monitor. Only issue was my Avatar stopped working for about 15 seconds on turn16? Thx! Skip Donnelly

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Me too. Sunday March 20th. ToW D ride. I have credit for the ride but not, under segments or zpoints for the Alpe.

Guys, longstanding bug - if the finish of the event and finish of the segment are the same, the result may not get recorded in ZwiftPower. It will sometimes, but not always.

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This affects all segment times. Since the segments only count in ZwiftPower if they are completed within an event, it’s a bit of a coin toss whether the segment banner or the event banner will register first if they are in the same spot.

Any chance of this being fixed?

ZRL kind of washed over it, but the finish order and FAL prime order when they were the same banner wasn’t matching, and lots of other fun races use points formats where the segment leading to the line would be interesting to use.

The prime issue should be fixed (hopefully in 1.24) but I’ll confirm.

Actually we rolled out a fix for Primes in 1.23, but it’s likely that this is a different problem.

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