PB on segment not recognized after race

Hi there,

Just finished the Zwift Hill Climb Racing Club race (zid=3705826) yesterday with a PB on the Watopia forward KOM. Unfortunately the segment time doesn’t seem to have registered, as it is not shown in the segments (see old KOM.jpeg). It did however register with the time within the results (came first in my cat) (see race overall results.jpeg) and shows the correct time gaps (see race KOM results.jpeg). This race was special as only the time for the KOM counted towards the ranking, but I finished the race and even rode a couple of kms further. It registered in Strava though (see Strava segment.jpeg).
Official time within Zwift was 2:06.05 for the KOM.
In addition you can see that the gains are given on the finishing times, not the KOM times (see gains on finishing time not KOM.jpeg). But the latter was clearly stated in the description of the race, so why do people gain points when coming in far behind me (and no, it cannot just be due to the before-race points as the RESULT column is clearly wrong. The winner cannot have a worse result than any other person).
Thanks in advance for your help.

That is a flaw with the series if the ranking points go to fastest to complete the route, rather than the segment!

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Hi Josh, thanks for your input.
But that is a series by Zwift, right? So wouldn’t then Zwift still be the ones to mitigate this? Also does anyone know how that play in with Zwiftracing.app?

Had a look in ZRapp and looks like the points handed out are correct based on the winner of the segment, who got the top prime points. That’s nice to see!

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It’s a known restraint that the ranking points in ZwiftPower only reflect the finishing positions over the finishing line, regardless of how the event is scored.

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Hi James,
thanks for your message… But that seems rather weird, as it clearly states in the race description that nothing but the time up the KOM matters… So one would naturally expect that to be the base for the points, right?
Anyways, I hope this will get fixed for those of us hunting points :wink:
cheers and Ride On

Hi Patrick,

The points are awarded for the KOM time, but only the points in the race itself.

It does not apply to ranking points issued in Zwiftpower.

Wouldn’t a solution to Zwiftpower dishing out ranking points incorrectly for new Zwift Hill Climb Racing Club series, be to have the event finish line just after the KOM banner, just as Tim Perkin used for a long time in one of his Thursday Mini Mountain Massif events up this same Hilly KOM climb?

It’s still not relevant as it’s fastest segment and not first over the line. I also wanted to give a little cool down before the end of the event.

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Do you not still have the problem that you might have two riders with similar KOM times, but one stopped 200m from the base of the climb for 10 minutes to have a sandwich?

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Fair enough as regards points, I’d love to learn the intricacies of the Zwift event tool first hand, as I wrote last year (sub 10Km, sub 15min custom length TTs mixing up flat/hilly/rolling/mountain profiles).

I appreciate you run the Zwift TT Club and Zwift Hill Climb series, but the total event riding time for a vast majority of the weeks is beyond 15mins for pen D, including this week’s TT of 9Km (lead-in plus one lap) of Richmond Flats and completing Hilly Route after the timed KOM in the inaugural climb event.

There’s the TT Club series which runs over 5 weeks with routes of increasing lengths as wsell as the Hill Climb Club series which offers climbs of increasing distances over 5 weeks.

Hi James,

Yeah, I understand that, but what I am asking whether it wouldn’t make more sense to award the ranking points base on the same criteria as for the race. The only reason I took it slow after the KOM was what was written in the race description. Naturally I thought that this is the race, up the KOM (as it states nothing else matters). Seems strange to award ranking points to the last place finisher (KOM) and penalize the ones who came in before… Just saying.

Ride On

Hi Patrick,

I think I’ve found a way to combine just the KOM times over the 5 weeks but I won’t be able to do it until the next series.

In the meantime I hope you’ll still join in and have a crack at the standalone events.

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Hi James,
Thanks again for your message and glad that there might be a fix in the future… Doesn’t really help me right now, but thanks for your effort. I am relatively new to Zwift (Oct. 2022), so I simply thought that when only the KOM matters then surely this will be the basis for the ranking points calc.
A simple sentence explaining the situation in the race description would have been nice though (i.e. Ranking points = First over the line // trophy and primes for first on the KOM). This way I would have pedaled a little harder to ensure coming over the line first as well… (I guess some of us are more competitive in nature, yearning for those ranking points :wink: )
Anyways, thanks and Ride On!

Ranking points on ZwiftPower always only apply to the position that you cross the finish line in.

I understand the request, but in my running of 5 Zwift Owned series, this is the first time anyone has ever asked this and the event descriptions are pretty chunky (and likely unread) already.

Just because something has always been like that, doesn’t mean that this is right… :wink:
If KOM is the one that matters, why is then first across the line applied to the ranking… Anyhow, we are moving in circles… :face_with_spiral_eyes:
Also being the first pointing that out shouldn’t take away anything from the logic behind it. It could simply be that people generally come across the finish line in the same order as they did over the KOM, or people simply don’t pay attention to these kind of things. Who knows :thinking:
I appreciate your effort!

Zwiftpower is a mystery upon itself.

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