ZwiftPower not recognising segment times

I do not seem to be able to register any times on segments in ZwiftPower.

I did the TTT up the Alpe 30th December (ZwiftPower - Login) and the rider before and the rider after me appear in the “Sprints & KOM” tab but I am filtered out. (2nd in Latte class)

If I go to the segment tab and select “Watopia” and “Me” I have no segments recorded at all.
Zwift profile is open, as is strava.

Is there at least an explanation for this if not a solution? Thanks

I have same issue, same event. I emailed Zwift Power–I’ll let you know if I find anything out.

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Just did Quatch Quest as part of the FRR series, again the segment did not record.

Seems to be a widespread problem looking at that race in ZP though (ZwiftPower - Login)

Sadly the event organisers scrapped any points for the Alpe segment because of this issue.

Yeah segments as a whole are a bit of a mess on ZP.

@James_Zwift @xflintx is there anything in the works to look at segments? Sorting results by segment time also doesn’t work most of the time (unless you hack it in to a points race).

Not to the best of my knowledge James.

On the note on segment times, there’s an issue where if the end of the segment coincides with the end of the race, sometimes bad things happen.

I set all of my Alpe races to 17602m (Road to Sky), so the finish line is 1m after the banner. That results in the segments being correct.

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Thanks for the response James.

In the linked race above it seems to have picked the segment 18 out of 100 racers, so I think its more miss than hit.

Just out of curiosity, 1km after the Alpe banner, would that be hitting the banner just as you are about to go down again?

1 metre :slight_smile:

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No styling that one out, I’m a dummy!

Just had this again on Rapha Rising stage 1.

Seems more like its tied to specific accounts than just random because a segment ends at a race banner. Perhaps PC users?

Also, how does something like Rapha Rising not have the 1 meter mitigation applied ? That seems like quite an oversight @James_Zwift

Fair point. I’ll flag with the team.

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Firstly, sorry for bring up an old thread from the dead.

Given that unless an event organiser knows to set the distance beyond the end to work around this, would it not be better to alter the ZP segments to be ~1m smaller/larger. It wouldn’t affect historical timings in a huge way.

Just an idea.

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Yep - They’re looking at doing pretty much that.