Alpe du zift segment times

Have the Alpe du Zift segment pr’s been removed? At one time I was able to see my PRs, Power, etc. for each segment but haven’t seen those for the last year. I have assumed that feature has been removed. If not, is there some setting that needs to be used to get them back?


You mean on Strava?

Yes they’ve removed a large proportion of them

No. Zwift used to show your best time for each segment of Alpe du Zwift while you were climbing. It gave a useful target if you were going for an overall PR. You could meter your effort between each turn.

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Ah you mean in game.

I know they made a change but can’t remember the specifics. I know there are issues with the reliability of that data as when I’m climbing it shows a a PR date that I wasn’t even riding on.

I’m sure it still shows your time & power between each hairpin.

I hasn’t for me since at least November. There has to be a setting somewhere that must have turned it off. I look for it everytime I do the climb.

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Zwift PR are last 30 days only, not sure about Alpe.

So given a 30 day PR in the attached image, if Alpe segments still existed I should see something in the box on the left for the sement PRs. I’m inclined to beleive they have been removed, since this has been the case for me since Nov, with Alpe rides 1x to 2x per month. Can anyone confirm that they have been removed or that they still exist?

I’m thinking it’s not recognising your previous accents up there hence it’s nothing to compare it to. Similar but different issue to what I have when it’s displaying dates from 2019.

Have you changed the leaderboard options in settings. Shouldn’t affect this but you never know.

In general, Zwift seems inconsistent in remembering past PRs even within 30 days. I’ve ridden routes where I know I’ve done it very recently, yet it doesn’t show me, say, a KOM PR.

I suspect that you’re seeing something similar.

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