Alpe du Zwift times

Hi - have ridden Alpe du Zwift a few times and can’t work out where I can see the actual Alpe segment time. It flashed up briefly when I got to the top but I can’t find it now since carried on to the bottom again. I’d like to compare it to previous times for that Segment. I think the answer may be you can’t without subscribing to Strava. I have a Strava account but don’t subscribe. Grateful for any help you can suggest.

Don’t you still see the segment time on the free version of Strava, just not the segment leaderboards?

I might be misremembering though.

I can see them on my free version of strava, but there is a slight difference between my Strava time (around 30 seconds less) and Zwift. As I rode it yesterday I noticed this little difference just now.

Thanks - have found the segment on my desktop login for the ride I did this morning. - couldn’t find it on mobile app. So one other question - can I upload my previous rides up Alpe from Zwift to Strava (from prior to when I had my Zwift account linked)? Would that be from the Companion app or from somewhere else? Hugely appreciated…

You should be able to manually upload the fit files to Strava. You can download those fit files from your activity list at


I managed it - thanks very much - I couldn’t find the ‘gear’ icon on safari in my feed but in Chrome it’s there - used that and now have the files in Strava -


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