Alpe Du Zwift personal split times

Has my first assent of the Alpe yesterday and seeing the stats between hairpins is a great idea. Next time I do the climb, be good if I was able to see those times to see if I am above or below my fastest time so I can see if I need to up the pace

It does do this. You should see it on your next ride up.

It only shows them from your last 30 days I think?

I think you’re right, in that it shows pr’s per segment for the last 30 days. But what’s odd is that it switches from pr to current time for whichever segment you are on. It would be nice to display both pr and current time for current segment.

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that’s great - next time Watopia is on, i’ll head for the start of the climb - not quite ready for a re-run of the full climb yet. I don’t like the 30 days PRs either, why can it not be like Strava and have all-time PR’s?


More important than everything said here: The hairpin splits should be incorporated in the fit file!! That I’m the 1st asking for this (just joined/found the time to take this action) is ridiculous.
Zwift is pretty lazy in coming up with new (& useful!!!) features which is not getting better with all these 1000’s of users not ‘complaining’…
Only 3 votes for this feedback…
People are sheep…willingly collecting the shirts and wheels and so on… while I’m interested is perfecting the prog. Drops? I have several millions. Not interested.


you can find all the hairpin segments on strava, and they keep for more than just the last 30 days.