Personal Records - option to select beyond 30-day timeframe

Personal records often date back beyond 30 days. I would like to see a display option or other way to select 30, 90, 6-month, and 1-year options for the various rides, sprints, and hills. Either that or concurrent display for “all-time record” for the best course, sprint and hill times. Provides more perspective and insight.


100% agree.  Right now I am keeping my own log of best times.  I would also like to see checkpoint times on the Watopia KOM, perhaps at the 100m, 200m, and 300m signs

I have been able to find my times on strava segments. For example, today I got the Zwift Island climb kom jersey. I was able to go back and look at the last 69 times I have ridden it and see I rode it fastest January 2nd this year.

I could imagine you could pull up your lap course on at least one similar strava segment since you started on Zwift.

I agree though. The metrics and logs should be kept and probably are kept somewhere. I would definitely pay for a premium version of my kept ftp numbers and race records over the years.

Zwift is always dynamic and improving though. I remember back in the day just lining up at the start line for a group ride. What a mess that was. Everything is always getting better.

Strava is simple, easy, and fun.

It will keep all your courses, segments, and personal best.

No need for Zwift to duplicate it.

Zee, I don’t see it that way.  When I look at Stava there are literally dozens of silly little segments that people have made up and they don’t correspond to the Zwift PRs.  If there is a way to do this in Strava I’d be interested in learning.  I still would rather know when I am climbing Mt Watopia how I stand against past efforts without having to pull up Strava


You can hide those segments and if enough people do so they will be hid for everyone:

I would just use the Zwiftblog verified segments and hide the rest.

such a long climb i would like to see my finish time eta all the way up, against my all time pr.  instead of using mental checkpoints and trying to remember previous times.  also when you come back to zwift after a break its not great to see a wall of blank where your prs should be.  having said that,  awesome product. keep up the great work.

Also being able to see friends (or Favourite) riders best times in the different KOM´s, sprints and lap times.

I like the idea of keeping the current 30-day PR times but adding a single line to display our all-time PR as well.

This has annoyed the heck of me as well. But the fix is easy!

  1. Show the “Top 15 most recent PRs”. The algorithm for this is simple, sort all PRs, then remove by oldest date until only 15 remain.

  2. Strava definitely doesn’t cut it. I need to see something live that I can target.


+1 for this feature

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When the dialog pops up while you are in a segment, I want to see my overall PR, not just my 30 day PR. I want to work towards beating my overall PR. Why focus on just the past 30 days?

Strava doesn’t help me when I’m in the middle of a ride trying to beat my PR.

Can we please get this done? It’s frustrating having to navigate Strava *while riding*, just to figure out what my PRs are.

Why is this still not done? It’s been years now. Another example of Zwift brass not being riders themselves I reckon. They’ll spend time and money tweaking little things like making the Thumbs Up image transparent but not this. It’s a shame.

2 RollingStoned,

The Zwift brass are avid riders on Zwift. You will see the CEO Eric Min riding a few times a week as well as Jon Mayfield the creator of Zwift. 

I would rather Zwift focus on other request that are a much higher priority, like not closing Zwift after you upload, being able to choose a world, and many other.

This is something I would like to see also. Right now I have to keep a separate list that I manually create

The “Top 15 most recent PRs” is a simple algorithm that could be written in less than 15 minutes and would make life instantly better for all users.

There’s no excuse. This is simply a matter of priorities: they’d much rather create new routes in Watopia (that certainly take months of work), than fix the little day-to-day stuff. They should do both!

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Paul Allen, good to know the brass rides, thank you for sharing that. All the more reason to think they too can appreciate our requests here. The priorities you mention are certainly high, however I agree with Jeffrey Early that this one should not take much of their dev resources to accomplish (especially after several years now).

Ditto to all of the above. I’d like a place to view all of my KOM times etc