Personal Bests?

(Craig) #1


New to Zwift, just using it to build fitness.

Just wondering if there is anywhere you can see your personal bests for a certain circuit?

Im keen to try and measure any improvement this way?


(Gerrie Delport TeamZF) #2

Hi @Craig_Johnson1 welcome to Zwift.

You can link your account to and see all your results there, most if not all routes and segments is labeled xxx(Zwift insider verified)


(Johnathan) #3

For now, outside of the past 30 days this is not possible in Zwift. As Ger says, Strava is the best for this.

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(Craig) #4

Ok, thanks so it does track it for 30 days though? Where would I find this? Sorry for the newbie question :slight_smile:

(Paul) #5

Only certain routers or segments get tracked within game for 30 days, most have jerseys have associated with them.

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(Z Kryder) #6

Certain routes are listed as PR’s when you ride them…
Watopia…Volcano lap and climb, Hilly route, Alp, Jungle Lap, and Epic Hill climb.Also, sprint section and KOM hills (forward and reverse)

(Aaron Zwanzig [DIRT]) #7

There is no central database of 30 day bests that you would be able to browse from within Zwift. You can only see your 30 day best times for a particular course or sprint or whatever in the sidebar while you are on that course or sprint or whatever.

(Joe) #8

You also won’t see them during a workout (ERG mode) - though I think if you set a PR, you’ll still see the confetti raining down over your user name on the right-hand sidebar…

In summary:

  1. the simplest way to review your performance against all previous efforts after the fact is to link Zwift to a Strava account.

  2. 30-day PRs on Zwift are only visible on screen immediately before, during, and after certain timed segments on each world (sprints, climbs (KOM), and laps (e.g. UCI Worlds courses, Watopia Hilly course’, Jungle Loop, Volcano Loop, etc.).

If you ride the same world/course/segments often, than the 30-day PR in tandem with your ETA is a useful way to gauge your current effort and pace yourself when trying to set a new PR.