Looking to compete against PRs or course records

Hi, I’m new to Zwift!

From previous experience, I know that I’m most motivated by trying to beat my own PRs, or course records. I’ve explored the app a bit, but don’t see an obvious way to display that information during a ride. What are the best ways to focus my Zwift experience on these metrics? Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

Hm… you are about 2 years (and 547 votes…) late.

I wouldn’t waist my time waiting for this…


Zwift displays a lap time of segment (past 30 days).
However, there are not so many segments of Zwift.
and 30 day only.

I look at STRAVA after the ride.

When you point this out, it makes me wonder why we haven’t got this? I.e. not just the past 30 days for PB (we call it that in the 1st world), but a lifetime on Zwift? Then again, I’m sure the achievements sometimes go missing after updates - you know? When you get a route complete and you know that you’ve done that route 100 time before!

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Thanks for the replies! Looks like Zwift may not be the platform for me.