KOM/Sprint/Loops Segment Historical Times

I know this has been mentioned before (probably many times), so forgive me for the repetitiveness. Is there anything in the works for historical times on KOM/Sprints/Loops be maintained in a database within the app or online (whether its Zwift or ZP) so you’re able to track long-term improvement?

Strava can track certain things and ZP will track it within races and group rides, but I feel like this would be an easy and beneficial update for such a data driven sport.

Not to the best of my knowledge.

Sorry I missed this when it first came up.
I think this is a missed opportunity for Zwift, which could help create more “ticker tape” moments.

If Zwift wants me to feel positive about my workout, it could be showering me with ticker tape every time I’ve just set a PB of the month or year, and giving me a big “achievement” banner if I get an all-time PB.

If Zwift wants to leave it to Strava to make me feel positive about my PBs, then it’s missing an opportunity to make me feel good. And feeling good is pretty good for customer retention! :wink:

I didn’t mean it wasn’t something that we would do in the future, just that it wasn’t something that we couldn’t do in the future. I like the idea.

I roo would love to see the introduction of all time PR’s, as i don’t get on Zwift as iften as i wluld like, and some worlds even less often. Take for example, ive just recently done the Wahoo Climb Challenge, and i did Ven Top, AdZ and Innsbruck, all with 30 day PR’s, but for all time PR’s, i was up to 20 minutes down on the Ven Top and AdZ. (I was just taking the rides easier than normal)

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Couldn’t you have not said that without avoiding using no double negatives? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I couldn’t have not.

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