Display PRs

Allow users to see their PRs for all sprints, KOMs. Etc. for all the worlds. If this already exists, then please tell me where to find.

Strava :wink:

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Strava is not zwift.


zwiftpower has a section under your profile called zpoints that has this information
You can also drill into it to get some information about all time and recent as well as population average.
zwiftpower has other tooling to allow you to look at performance information that would be more useful
than straight forward PR .
As suggested output your rides to other dashboarding solutions is probably the best solution other than that . such as strava , intervals.icu or all the other training software solutions.
zwift itself does not instrument any of this information nor should it IMO as it has enough on its plate to maintain and fix core features without implimenting features others can do ( better) …

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Actually zwiftpower also has a segments section which is probably a more direct way to get exactly what you wanted .

What is zwift power and where is it located?!

I understand there is maybe an argument that PRs should not be kept within zwift, but isn’t that what zwift companion app is for? Why does zwift not want to be an all encompassing solution?

zwiftpower is now owned by zwift ( some might not think that is a good thing and things have certainly been less that good since they have taken contrl of it … but thats a completely different issue) .

Zwift may or may not want to have an all encompassing solution but I thing we definately dont … that way lies Peloton and worse . Imagine if the only way to run zwift was using a zwift computer or zwift bike. Not for me certainly.

you can find it here https://zwiftpower.com (and there is also a section in this forum dedicated to it here https://forums.zwift.com/c/racing/zwiftpower-community

Thanks for sharing. I had no idea that even existed.

I understand your point about zwift bikes and computers, and i agree we definitely don’t want it to go that way.

My comment about it being all encompassing was more related to the data captured during rides. It seems much of the data is not easily access in the app or companion. Seems all disjointed and disconnected. Some of it is in the app, some is in companion, some is in zwift power, some you need to Strava to see.

To long time users who have watched this evolve might not see this as being a big deal, but for new users it’s very confusing and doesn’t make sense.

TONS of low hanging fruit to make zwift better. Do they even read these forums?!!

Cant disagree about your observations here . there are plenty areas for zwift to contentrate on to improve just basic functionality before we start adding features as I said are better suppleid by more mature offerings for that . In the companion currently for example you cannot change your bike/setup and sign up to events AFTER you login and can actually join them , long list of low friut as you say … been that way for a long as we can remember hence thinking its best to use external tools if you can .

Anyway zwiftpower theoretically is zwift and you will find a lot of very good stuff in there ( for now) . The sign up and link profile process however , thats for another thread … and forum section :slight_smile:

Yes they do