extended statistics / listings on the website

given that you have all the data (as shown in the app on the end of rides/workouts), why is this data not available on the website? same for race results.

the current zwift policy of ‘that’s what strava is for’ ( https://support.zwift.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/203503143 ) really rubs me the wrong way. you have the data, don’t make me go to another website to see it (or even two, if i want race results).


Agreed!  It would be nice to actually be able to view it on the Zwift site.

We may see more data available in the future.

With that being said, I would rather use Strava (or TP, Garmin…) to view my ride data since I can have all my activities available there (IRL rides and different kinds of workouts).

I’m with you Frank!

I agree with both sides of the conversation.  Strava is better at viewing ride data, but only if you’ve paid for a premium subscription.  I’ve already paid for Zwift, the data is displayed at the end of the ride so it already exists, just re-display the information!

I’m a new user (2 weeks into Zwift), I run Zwift on my PC and link up with my IPad.  When my ride is complete, I stop the ride on the IPad which does not display the power distribution, it only displays total distance, time, general statistics.  When I return to the PC, the ride is over and the program automatically stops.  As such I’ve never been able to view the power distribution or any of the other statistical information.

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Hey all, we are not opposed to this, but our general feeling is that we will never do this as well as the companies that are exclusively focused on this sort of analysis. And so rather than give something that’s subpar, we’ve kept our focus on what it is we do well - and that’s the Zwift application itself.

But certainly I think we could make my.zwift.com more fully featured. I think what we really want feedback on is what are the *KEY* features that you all want. And there’s a lot of variance there - racers want better race results (Zwift Power), people focused on training want better training metrics (TrainingPeaks/Golden Cheetah/WKO/Garmin), and general riders want better segment analysis (Strava).

We’ll never make everyone happy here. And we have some ideas about what else we could display in my.zwift.com. But knowing what you all want to see there is really important to us.

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I use Zwift for over a month now. I’m really hooked on ZWIFT. I’m just a general rider. Dont participate in races. For me a Nice addition would be the route i’ve done and maybe the profile. I use strava but Watopia for instance doesnt show well on Strava (fictional place with Vulcano in ocean). The Route on The Zwift map would be great to see after my ride. Thats my opinion. Further keep on the great work!



@Jordan: I think a solid start already would be to just incorporate the end of ride analysis we have ingame into the online profile as well as the profile view on the mobile app.

Also I think it’d be nice to have our profiles track our 30 day PR’s as well as all-time PR’s.

And considering as to how these things are all data that are already available within the game, it should be probably be easier to incorporate this into our profiles.



@Stef, yes exactly, having the Ride Report available for later analysis is all I’m wishing for at this moment! Super useful.

Ride data for sure and possibly badges you’ve earned, similar to Starva’s Trophy Case.

It’s crazy what some will do on Strava just to get that trophy

I’d like to be able to see my achievements and challenge progress on the website without having to launch the app. And the ride report would also be nice to be able to view afterwards too!


I am also a very new user (6th day, 3rd ride) and I thought that I am just too dumb to find the ride report on the webpage until I found this thread. I am totally with Stef Levolger on this matter. 


Power vs time

Power vs elevation

power vs speed

So, yup basically the output at the end of the ride.  For a general, non racing rider, who is working on overall fitness thro the winter, its FTP that counts.  So telling me my average watts over the whole ride is a bit pointless, if i warm up and cool down in the same ride.  Id just like to analyse the watts for the middle of my ride, how long i sustained it, how quickly i dropped off, what happened when i hit the hills etc… 


I think at the very least the ride analysis should be available in the activities log. As you already have this data recorded and displayed why is not available already??