Post Event/Race Results

Post event/race and workout details should be available in a dashboard on for later review. On my first race I accidentally clicked out of the results and was not able to look at them again. I’d probably race more if I could see past results so I could keep track of how I was performing.

There are updates coming to the Zwift website that may have this info on it.

Are you uploading your rides to Strava, TrainingPeaks or other 3rd party? 

Have you checked out to see if your results/data is showing on there?

I upload my rides to Strava, but that doesn’t show me my standings in a race.

I did checkout just now and it looks like I can find info on a race up to a few days after it occurs which is cool.

I wanted to check because in game there were 78 people racing and the results only showed 47 people at the end which I thought was strange. In addition, during the game there were a lot of riders I was passing, but weren’t apparently part of the race as the number didn’t change when I would pass them. That was also strange as well. Not sure why there were other riders on the same course as the race.

Anyway, glad I can check that out on the 3rd party site, but hoping to have historical data tied to my account at some point.

Depending on the race organizer and how they set it up you are going to see people not in the race.

Race results take a while to become official on

I see. Personally I don’t think that should be allowed for races. I’d spend energy trying to catch someone that wasn’t even in the race. Is there something in game that denotes another racer vs. a person that is not racing?

Nope, but it has been suggest a few times that people within races should get numbers/placards and that races should be in their own little world so non-racers don’t skew results (drafting primarily).

Ok great! I’ll look around to see if I can find the suggestions to upvote.

Thanks for the help!