Show race results/info on applicable activites.

Pretty much what the title says. I should be able to view this information on instead of have a limited window to view it on a 3rd party website.

I agree with this. I am a couple of weeks into using Zwift, and the one thing thats annoying is that I have no ability to look into my activities in detail after I have finished my ride and saved. Would be nice to see that power curve stuff, power zone etc., map of where I have been later on to check back and see progress 


You can upload the Zwift activities to Strava, TrainingPeaks, Garmin Connect and a few other 3rd party sites.

I would like to see Zwift focus on the game aspect of cycling and let the 3rd party sites handle the data since that is what they are good at.

I know there are changes to the website coming and it could include more detail post ride data.

Let’s keep this specific feature request on target.

This is only for race/workout results/info tracking. This is not for power/watt/heart/etc tracking… I route all of that through Strava anyway so even if that were part of it, I wouldn’t use it.

Strava does not store race/workout results and info, though.

Fair shout Kevin. Agree though, done a few things like that so far, and would be nice to see that info. Not yet used the 3rd party websites for results etc. 


Paul - Use Strava, not premium, so only get limited data on there. Will try with Garmin although not sure how it will work as I don’t use a Garmin device when on Zwift, Lets see. 

Why wouldn’t you want to go to a 3rd party site. The races are run by a third party, so the timing is also done by a third party. 


Sure. Point me to where the race results and info are stored on the “WBR” and “BikeRader” sites.



My race isn’t there. I only see results back to this past thursday.

You need to register with Zwift power and accept their terms. 

If you click on history and search for the event you can find it.


You are in the Filtered results because you have not registered with them yet.


 Hope this help. 

Well shit. That does help. Thank you.