Another zwift power question from newbie

I have been on zwift just over a month and just did my first two races (zwift games 1 and 2).
After the two races I learned of zwift power and went and signed up.

It appears that all the information from my zwift account was transferred over but for some reason zwiftpower won’t import the races as races ?

Searches I did came up with hits from 2021 that said no race data would be loaded. But if all of my ride history and power / HR data was loaded surely the program knows what my races were and would load them in.

I guess my question is this:
Are the comments / questions from 2021 and earlier about the inability of zwift power to list races still correct ? It doesn’t make sense that if the program can import all of my data it can’t list previous races as races.

If it is possible to get the races listed as races and not ‘activities’ how can I go about this?


If you only enabled zwiftpower sharing from your zwift account after the race it won’t pull historical data.

Make sure you have zwiftpower sharing enabled in your account settings The at Home Cycling & Running Virtual Training App then future events should appear

Thanks for the confirmation.

The restrictions they put on where they load my data is really stupid. ZwiftPower has imported everything I ever did as I can see it in “Activities” No reason not to load the data into correct categories.