Dot Com Race Results

Now that Zwift Power is basically dead for many community races, with less than 30% enrollment in some races, we have to review the complete results on the site.

We can review the results by A,B,C,D cats and this is good but in a mass start, all riders visible race, it is actually one big race.
It would be nice to view the results by finishing time too.

Zwift Power is Still King.

It is but in my last race, out of 17 participants, only 8 we’re on Zwift power.
It makes no sense.
Zwift Power and dot Com are the same company with the same data.

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I sometimes encourage people sign up for ZP while in the pen. Many are unaware (cat C)

However when people opt in to Zwift, they also opt in to displaying weight and height in ZP which allows for more transparent racing. Ideally there should be an organizer option to only allow entrants to races for people who opt in to ZP or a similar transparency agreement.

I get that Zwift Power may display personal info that some racers may not have agreed to.
That’s fine, don’t show that info.
They could still list the racer’s name, finishing time and average W/kg.
It’s crazy that one “Zwift” sites shows me as 5th place but the other shows 12th.

Zwift has done well with pen enforcement and CE based on critical power is better than the old Zwift Power cats.
They need to eliminate the old ZP cats.

Now they need to close the loop.
We only know if the system is better when the results of all the race participants are known and compared.
It is one of the basic principles of the race.

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Umm, maybe unrelated, where can I see race results on the site?

Ok , I just figured out that I don’t actually do that.
The race results are on the Companion App

From the Dot Com site, I would click around the menu until it would inadvertently open the ZCA.

So I’m asking - Can Zwift power just show the data in the ZCA?