Results discrepancies...or not

Hi all, I am new to the forums and very new to racing on Zwift, my first race was yesterday and it was awesome! I’m learning a lot by just poking around the sites and if there’s a getting started on Zwift Power guide or anything that anyone can link me to, I’d appreciate it. My question is this, I saw the results on Power listed different than the results after the race on the Zwift app. On Power it lists me as 7th but in the app it’s 10th, which, to me, seems more accurate. Is there a culling afterwards or something for people who were in the race that would alter the results as time passes?
Anyway, probably a super noob question but then I am actually a super noob.

Thanks in advance for any info all, ride on!


One thing to know is that not every Zwifter is registered on ZwiftPower; if you haven’t created a ZwiftPower account, your results won’t show there.

Additionally, ZwiftPower may filter/hide results based on certain criteria, depending on how the race/event was set up (people racing below their category, for example).

Regarding a guide to ZwiftPower, search for this YouTube video (sorry, I’m not allowed to provide a direct link):
Zwift Power EXPLAINED!!! // A Complete Guide to Using Zwift Power

Enjoy racing!


Oh see, now that makes much more sense, thank you Ketchup, and thank you for the Tube reference, I will go check it out!

Ride On!

Thank you Mike, I love watching these types of things!