PR Lookup

Is there a way to look up your best PR for the various KOMs and Sprints on Zwift?

Not within the Zwift app, you need to use a 3rd party like Strava.

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Hi @Singlesaddle

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I would look at Strava for all that information.

EDIT: Mike beat me to it

Ah… ok thanks all.

Isn’t PRs on segments supposed to be coming in a future companion app update?

Go to Zwiftpower and look at segments. That has your best I believe. For instance:

Strava has the history though but slightly different segments and rounds down to seconds.

Thanks Stan. Will try that.

are there any plans to show this basic information in zwift at all?

According to This Season on Zwift - there are plans for Personal Leaderboards for segments within the Companion App.