This Season on Zwift [December 2022]

This Season on Zwift, we are excited to bring many exciting new and requested features teed up for release over the next few months:

New World Coming Soon: Scotland!!!
Coming in January
We’ve created worlds modeled on real places in the past, and maps that exactly replicate UCI Road World Championship courses, but Scotland is the first Zwift map that’s influenced by the real-world UCI World Championship location and also designed to optimize all racing on Zwift.

Zwift For You
The new “For You” carousel will appear at the top of the homescreen and will make it easier for Zwifters to discover their preferred in-game content, including group rides, other Zwifters they may want to ride with, and on-demand workouts. All of the content Zwifters use most often will be right there where it’s easy to find.

We’re going to start rolling out “For You” in December, but expect that it will take some time to reach all Zwifters!

Personal Leaderboards in the Zwift Companion App
On the line now!
This update to the Zwift Companion app will allow Zwifters to see and analyze their times on Zwift segments. Zwifters will be able to track their time on segments and see how they change over time. When Personalized Leaderboards launch, Zwifters will be able to compare their times across their lifetime on Zwift.

Discord Chat Integration for clubs via Zwift Companion App
On the line now!
Riding down the road chatting with a friend is one of the greatest pleasures in any cyclist’s life. Discord – the leading social platform for voice and text chat – makes it easy to talk while riding on Zwift, when you’re not within earshot of your friends. It’s a fun way to ride and chat, and a very helpful tool to allow teammates to coordinate tactics during a race. To make it easier to find your club’s Discord chat, we’ve introduced a way for clubs to integrate a Discord link into their profile in the Zwift Companion App.

Join a Zwifter
Live now!
Back by popular demand, Join a Zwifter lets you easily ride or run with people you follow on Zwift, pro athletes, or even the occasional celebrity. You can find Join a Zwifter on the homescreen, and it will be in the “For You” carousel, when it rolls out.

Workout in Under 30 Minutes
Live now!
In an effort to provide greater variety for time-crunched athletes and the growing number of beginner and recreational cyclists on Zwift, we’ve added 10 new sub-30 minute workouts, doubling the number of workouts in that collection. These new workouts will help anyone fit in a fun, productive ride in even the shortest window of time.

To learn more about the features included in This Season on Zwift, check out the main page or refer to the FAQ.

Stay tuned as the features are released for more details!


Hi @manda_F

All of the press releases earlier today have stated this will be coming in Jan 2023. Is this an error on this post? Looking forward to it. Great to have a map that is built with racing being the focus.

Edit: I think you mean that the map is coming in Jan, ahead of the Esports World Championships, in Feb… ?

This feature also looks good. Plenty of potential there for the future!

@Jon_Wakefield - Thank you for catching that! January is correct. I have updated the post :slight_smile:


Great to hear about the new map, its what Zwift needs most. Shame the new roads are (yet again) on a separate map, however, when it would be so welcome for the various roads/maps to actually link together as one “world” and allow greater variety of (longer) routes and more interesting mixed-scenery riding. Hopefully that’s something we will get eventually…


If the Scotland map is not yet finalised, please consider the following as part of the design:

  • Excessively dense foliage (such as parts of Yumezi, Titans Grove etc) causes massive GPU demand.
  • Very tight turns, pinch points and roads that double back (such as parts of France, and Crit City, Paris etc) which result in very many riders in a small space causes massive CPU demand.

These are inherent limitations of how Zwift operates. You should be designing around such limitations to ensure a consistent experience for everyone.




And don’t make a new world, like Scotland or something else, before all bugs are fixed…
…oh wait…too late.

Fixed That For You


please please please tag this on to an existing world - we* don’t wan’t another tiny stand alone world

*and by we I, of course, mean I


Mee too!


Plus 1 on that!

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Yay! New stuff!

Seems to suggest end of Jan/early Feb (if the final week is make-up), before being put away for a month. Which always goes down well.


As well as to mitigate any potential issues during the World Championship races.

Likely in the 1.33 release as Zwift says that it is going to be a bigger release. So probably ~Jan 11 or 18th

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Hopefully update will as normal on the second week of the month. Not during first week of Jan. that is FRR week. Wednesday day after the next zrl block begins Tour de Zwift first couple days. Alot upset of racers and riders before then. The mid week down day for many after with no/few major races or events going on is best.

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First of all: awesome news! New roads are always welcome.
I join in in asking to extend existing (already considerably huge) worlds rather than having yet another world on the rotation schedule.
Checking the GPS coordinates the best chance is to merge Watopia towards Makuri Islands, since both are about 100km apart. This would take a while, but could be manageable without spoiling any records.
I could imagine that this would be (next to infinite levels) one of the most prominent wishes…
Your thoughts about that?
If not too late, place Scotland in the middle of both worlds :grin:.


Scotland in the South Pacific? I could be tempted.

Another thing coming to Companion in January 2023