This Season on Zwift [December 2023]

This Season On Zwift, we’ve got a number of exciting new and requested features teed up for release over the next few months:

Ride Streaks:
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Ride Streaks keep track of the number of weeks in a row that you’ve ridden and level you up faster. Ride two or more times per week and enjoy bonus experience points (XP). This new feature awards you for consistency!

New Level Structure:
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We are making the experience points (XP) needed for each level more predictable and visible for our Zwifters by lowering and standardizing the required amount of XP to earn each level, so you can achieve new levels faster and unlock cool new items!

Zwift Companion App Updates:
Coming this Winter!
The Zwift Companion App update will allow you to plan your rides in advance. You can search workouts and routes on the companion app, and queue content to make it easier to find in Zwift. When you launch Zwift, the workouts and routes you queued will be easy to find in your “For You” carousel, so you can get to your ride sooner!

Onboarding Tutorial:
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The onboarding tutorial makes it easy for you to get started on Zwift. Learn how to join events and workouts, swap for a new kit or even join a pacer group. The onboarding tutorial is designed to help you discover new features and even rewards you for trying it out.

Climb Portal Scaling:
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Climb Portal Scaling lets you choose a GPS-accurate version of a climb, or a 50%, 75%, or 125% version of the climb. The distance is the same for each scale, but the elevation changes.

Avatar Updates:
Coming this Winter!
Your avatar is getting a crisp new look with enhanced facial features! You now have the power to select a male or female body type. Please note, you will continue riding and racing as the gender selected in your profile, no matter what avatar you choose.

In addition to these amazing new features coming to Zwift this season, we are also excited to announce the upcoming campaigns and missions:

Coming this Winter:
Rapha Festive 500 - Coming in December!
Fitness Jumpstart with Coach Kristin - Coming in January!
Tour De Zwift - Coming in January!
LÉtape du Tour - Coming in February!
Zwift Games - Coming in February!

To learn more about the features included in This Season on Zwift, check out the main page or refer to the FAQ.

Stay tuned as the features are released for more details!


Love the avatar change–not letting big complex issues prevent small, easy, good changes. Bravo Zwift.


The notes for the upcoming tour say you can unlock Zwifts first ever bucket hat.

Not strictly true as demonstrated.

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What about full detail/how to use ZCA/PC/Android/IOS like coffee break, arm signals, teleporting, etc for new users? Give them like 100xp each time they use one during a ride. For example, I am seeing far too many users not understanding how to use a coffee break during a group ride when they really need it.

That’s more of a Gilligan hat than a Bucket Hat. (Is that a real difference?)

They’re one and the same. (Google research)
The Zwift description definitely calls it a bucket hat as you can see.

Aha. There’s a hole in my bucket theory.

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