"For You" recommendations [December 2022]

Hello Zwifters,

This week with the release of Zwift game version 1.32, we begin a phased roll out of a new home screen menu called “For You”

For You is a new row on the Zwift home screen that contains a personalized collection of experiences that we believe matches the way you prefer to Zwift – RoboPacer groups at your speed, suggested workouts and routes, events you’ve signed up for, and joining Zwifters you follow.

This is a feature that will evolve over time. In its launch phase - it’s designed to encourage exploration of the many types of Zwifty activities. We intend to evolve the For You menu so you can pick preferred activities yourself to display on this menu.

Please see the Support Hub article for more Q&A’s of this feature.

Q: I am still seeing the legacy home screen. When will I see the new one with the For You menu?
With Zwift game version 1.32, most versions of Android OS support the new home screen. Please check that you’re on the latest version.

Some devices/hardware across OS platforms (Mac/PC/iOS/Android/AppleTV) remain incompatible with the new home screen.

Q: I see the new home screen, but not the For You menu. When will I see that?
We will roll out to an increasing number of Zwifers in phases. As with the broader home screen UI rollout, For You development will be an iterative process driven by community feedback.

Q: Will my Today’s Plan or TrainingPeaks workouts display here?
Yes, if you have Today’s Plan or TrainingPeaks connected to Zwift, then you will see your next workout display in the For You row. Only 1 workout from these 3rd party applications will display in this row at this time.

What we’d like to ask from you:
If you’ve had a chance to use the For You menu - we’d love to hear your thoughts! It helps us if you provide context about your experience level in Zwift, and what sort of activities you enjoy most: whether they’re solo or social; structured training plans or races; cycling vs running vs both; etc.


The usability of the homescreen on PC is still bad. Do I really have to drag and drop the row to the left to make the tiles on the right side visible?

At least a small arrow to scroll that row would help a bit.

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I’m curious to find out if the “For You” recommendations will push me beyond my conventional rides to what Zwift thinks I could handle based on other metrics.

E.g. I usually ride a 1.8W/kg Robo-Pacer, lately the 2.2W/kg…will it suggest Coco at 2.6W/kg, based on other something like race results?

the AI is not very I

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@shooj - I don’t know @Martin_Sch and did not coach him into this response… :wink:

Showing today’s workout is cool - I wish there was an easy way to integrate other providers (like intervals.icu). Even if it just pointed to a folder, it would be easy enough to automatically add today’s workout to the folder.

I’ve been wondering if the Pace Partner® recommendations might be affected by being passed by a PP you didn’t select. They seem to be often wrong for me.

Cool feature.
Not super related, but I was wondering @shooj if you know when route-based workouts are going to be ready? I’ve been itching for those ever since the press release in September. They’d be such a game-changer for me!
Pun not intended

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“For You” should have a direct link to a Zwifter’s own “Custom Workouts”

haha. Coco came back to life so …