“For You” recommendations [June 2023]

Hi everyone! The “For You” rollout will finish today, opening it up to all accounts.

For You is a row on the Zwift home screen that contains a personalized collection of experiences based on the way you prefer to Zwift – RoboPacer groups at your speed, suggested workouts and routes, events you’ve signed up for, and joining Zwifters you follow. Third-party workouts from TrainingPeaks or Today’s Plan will also display in this row.

This is a feature that will evolve over time. In its current phase - it’s designed to encourage exploration of the many types of Zwifty activities.

Please see this Support Hub article for more FAQ’s of this feature.

Q: Will my Today’s Plan or TrainingPeaks workouts display here?
Yes, if you have Today’s Plan or TrainingPeaks connected to Zwift, then you will see your next workout display in the For You row. Only 1 workout from these 3rd party applications will display in this row at this time.

What we’d like to ask from you:
If you’ve had a chance to use the For You menu - we’d love to hear your thoughts! It helps us if you provide context about your experience level in Zwift, and what sort of activities you enjoy most: whether they’re solo or social; structured training plans or races; cycling vs running vs both; etc.

Lastly - because we’d like to keep this discussion focused on this phase of the project, this thread will auto-close in 14 days.


Support Hub article linked doesn’t seem to cover this feature, FYI…

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Love that Zwift is starting to build a recommendation engine.

Here’s Zwift Insider’s post about this feature: “For You” Recommendations Added to Home Screen | Zwift Insider

Includes 7 improvement ideas and some thoughts on where this might go next.

What I’d love is a favourite section when you can favourite workouts you enjoy doing or that you want to do in the future. So you don’t need to remember what workout section or plan they come from. That sometimes takes ages to navigate to find one you might’ve liked which was in week 7 of a workout plan


Steve, I’ve passed this to the team to review.

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I’m assuming this is for cycling only as it doesn’t appear on my running home page.

Probably but will check.

I’ve only done 2 or 3 workouts ever in Zwift, as I mainly free ride, with a Robo Pacer, or ride in an event.
I don’t want to see suggested workouts. If they have to be there, I’d rather they were to the right of the pacer suggestions.

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I read the OP as saying that the For You section would be appropriate to the individual. If you don’t do workouts then you won’t see any, or they’ll be after the RPs you normally use.

I logged into Zwift to see the new For You, and there were 2 workouts suggested, but only one Robo Pacer group.

it isn’t that intelligent

Ah, bugger. Not at all what I expected from the OP.

Hi everyone, thanks for all of the notes/feedback. A few quick comments:

  • As @James_Zwift noted, the workout favoriting request has been passed on to the appropriate team.
  • The For You row is only for cycling currently.
  • The row is personalized, as in it’s based on your recent activity history. If you rarely do workouts, you will still see a workout card, but it should be at the end of the row while the activity types you do more frequently are at the beginning. Events are not yet recommended.
  • The RoboPacer recommendation(s) should reflect the pacer(s) you’ve recently done a ride with. It may be an FTP-driven recommendation if it’s been a long time since you’ve ridden with a pacer.

I see a few people have commented experiences that don’t align with my bullets above. If this is happening to you, please help us dig into it by providing the following:

  • A screenshot of your For You row
  • A list of your last 10 cycling activities in order of newest-oldest

Thank you!



OK, here’s my list -
Loch Loop - free ride
Bridges and Boardwalks - free ride
Farmland Loop - free ride
Wandering Flats - pacer ride
The Mukle Yin - free ride
Triple Flat Loop - pacer ride
Road to Sky - workout ( one of maybe 3 in over 5 years )
Sand and Sequoia - Tour of Watopia group ride
Makuri 40 - pacer ride
Volcano Circuit - pacer ride

Here’s the For You screenshot -

I’ve done way more pacer rides than workouts over the years. Yet, I see only one pacer option, and two workouts. I cannot scroll to the right to get any more than the 6 tiles.

Great feature!

Thanks @Dan_Kothlow for the info! I’ll message you directly on some follow up questions.


Replied to message.
Thank you for looking into it.

I never do workouts on Zwift except for race warmup. Therefore there is no point in recommending me 2 new workouts in there.

On the other hand, I would like to see that one race warmup workout that I do all the time.

Maybe check last 90 days and if you see that there is a pattern of workouts completed, pick the one that has the highest occurrence?

Other than that, good feature :+1:

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If you ‘enjoy’ any workouts then you need to re-adjust your FTP :rofl:

There are however some that I regularly tolerate and I’d like them on my homepage!

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