Scheduled workout from TrainingPeaks quicker to access

With the last update adding more clicks to get to the TrainingPeaks workout scheduled for that day, I request that instead it gets added to the first workout screen.
It wasn’t so bad before, click on workouts them on custom and it wss there. now you have to further click through into the folder, which really just opens the old workouts dialogue and then open the trainingpeaks section, click on the workout and then launch it.
Not sure why this was changed? But can it be changed back? Or even better, as it is scheduled for that day, why not have it on the front page?

Thanks, I’ll pass on your feedback.

(It should show up in the “for you” section on the front page - mine always do)

Out of curiosity, what platform do you use, Jack, and what version of Zwift is it running? On both PC and iPadOS (both currently on Zwift v1.40.0), I don’t have what you describe.

When first logging on, any TrainingPeaks workout always appears in the top left position of my ‘For You’ section:

If I want to see all the contents of my TrainingPeaks folder for that day (there’s only the one, today), I click on the workout icon at top left, and then click on the TrainingPeaks folder there:

Barring one buggy day a few months ago, this has been consistent for me on either of these platforms for ages.

It doesn’t for me on AppleTV, there is no “For You” line.

I realise this afterwards, sorry :slight_smile:

We haven’t enabled “for you” for everyone yet, but once we do, you’ll be able to see your TP workout for the day on the front page of the home screen.

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I was so confused as to why my front page looked nothing like everyone else’s!
I only had the generic Zwift ‘workout anytime’ options.
Look forwards to my ‘for you’ section showing up, it is exactly what I was requesting here!

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Jack - I don’t know if this will impact you or not but we’ve just made this available to a bunch more Zwifters.

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Unfortunately not me yet!

Just chatting this through - we hadn’t originally aimed to give it to everyone because some “older” Zwifters gave us feedback that they thought it wouldn’t be helpful.

I think it’s a massive plus for anyone using training programmes via TP.

It would improve the user experience for me in a big way.
About 2/3 of what I do on Zwift is TP workouts, so the single click through from the main screen means I can load straight in

Not sure if by “older” you mean age or years on Zwift :wink: but I cover both and it would be very helpful. When you have a scheduled workout in TP then odds are that’s what you’re going to do when you log into Zwift. So the easier to access the better.

Yep, we’re on with it.

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Hey Jack, do you have the “for you” row now?

I now have it, thanks!
Works exactly as I hoped, thanks James.

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