Make planned TrainingPeaks workout easier to access in new UI


  • if a workout is scheduled in TrainingPeaks on a given day, that should be easy to get to, either as the first tile in the “Workout Anytime” section of the new homescreen UI, or at the top of the page


  • from a new user perspective, it’s easier to find a structured workout the first time you use that functionality, especially if the UI makes it clear that it was the workout your coach loaded into Trainingpeaks (vs the Zwift provided workouts)
  • On Windows 10, to get to my coach-provided workout I have to: scroll vertically to “Workout anytime”, then scroll horizontally all of the way to the end of the row using my mouse (which is finicky), then click “Workouts”, then close the “Custom workouts” folder, open the “TrainingPeaks” folder, select the workout, and finally click “Workout” (6 actions vs an easy click to start)

This is a quality of life improvement that would make a huge difference in the experience of loading up a structured workout multiple times per week. Thanks for considering!

Thanks - I’ve shared this with the team.


I came back after a moment to train with Zwift and I never found my trainingpeak workout. I tried to follow the navigation provided in the previous post but nothing was there, I could only build a custom workout… any tip to help?

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I currently select ‘Plans’ from the new home UI, which kicks you into the old home UI, where ‘Training Peaks’ is still currently at the top of the workout list.

Hoping Zwift sort this. Poor customer experience

Hi @_RJ_VC10

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Zwift is aware of this and they are working on this.