Find workout on start page

Hi All,

I just started using Zwift as it can connect to trainingpeaks. The accounts are synchronized and uploads from zwift to traningpeaks are done automatically.

BUT my calendar from TP does not appear in zwift, I can only click on RIDE. Where do I find WORKOUT ? as I understand it this is were I will see my TP calendar/program’s

Hi @Daniel_Perman, welcome to the forums. It should be in the “Training” menu, just under where you select what world/route to ride in.

In your screen shot it is the blue “Training” button with an orange “new” star on it.

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Right in front of me, great, thanks @Mike_Rowe1 :slight_smile:
I missed the little row which says “trainingpeaks custom workouts” when I looked there before.

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