Training peaks connection to Zwift

I joined Training Peaks (TP) and Zwift and my coach has already created a few workouts in TP.  I installed The TP and Zwift apps on my iPad, as well as the Zwift Mobile Link app.   In the Mobile Link app I was able to link my TP account to my Zwift account.   Now I’m expecting to see my TP workouts showing automatically in my Zwift app, but can’t see it.  Please help.  Thanks!

Did you go into Workouts and scroll all the way down to the very bottom Ernst?

Are the workouts, on Training Peaks, on your calendar? They’ll only appear (as far as I know) on the dates you’ve set them to. So, for example, if this is Saturday and you set a workout for Monday, you won’t see it for another couple of days. However, if you set your workout for Saturday, you’d see it today. 

I hope that makes sense despite my blabbering. 

I seem to recall reading somewhere (probably DC Rainmaker) that the Training Peaks workouts have to be built based on ‘Duration’ and ‘% Functional Threshold Power’. If it’s based on other parameters, I don’t believe it’ll automatically integrate into Zwift, even if the accounts are linked. 

Sorry I can’t find the link to back up what I wrote in the previous paragraph. I’m going on memory and am a bit of a buffoon. I may well turn out to be wrong. 

When I put together a workout on Training Peaks (using the free account as I’m a tightwad) it automatically appears at the very bottom of the Workouts list on Zwift, on the day I’ve set it for. 

Apologies for not being able to say anything definite to help. Hopefully I’ve been slightly better than useless.