Training peaks structured workout plans not appear

I purchased a structured workout plan in Training Peaks, one of the main features is that I can supposedly ride the workouts outside on my Garmin or inside on Zwift. However, despite carefully setting everything up per Zwift instructions the workouts simply do not appear where they are suooosed to in Zwift. If I create my own workout in Training Peaks it does appear in Zwift on the day I schedule it so I know the settings are correct. Has anyone else experienced this problem? So far both the support teams at Zwift and Training Peaks are stumped. Any suggestions are welcomed. Thanks!

I have the same issue, a cycling workout built-in trainingpeaks that is supposed to automatically transfer to zwift does not. However if I do a zwift workout it does appear in training Peaks as a completed training so I know I’m connected to training Peaks any solutions yet?

Had a brief glimmer of hope then dashed; my Zwift app on the laptop was way out of date bc I haven’t touched it since the iOS app came out for my iPad. So in trying everything I updated the laptop app and surprise; the training peaks plans appeared not just on the laptop but on the iPad too! Unfortunately,I had to sign out and back into the Ipad app to connect my sensors and it all disappeared again, on both apps and devices. No combination of having both apps open has been able to get them back. Clearly something screwy with the Zwift software. My complaint was “escalated” away from the first, useless, help desk guy who was just regurgitating the FAQs to me, I’m hoping someone at Zwift starts to pay attention to the issue, we can’t be the only 2 w this problem!

Brian Broker,

Here’s a copy of the email I just sent to the support team at Zwift. Please read;

Ok everyone. Trying to get all involved parties together here so we can find a solution.

This link is from a discussion on the forum a year ago w the same problem I’m having; to reiterate- Training Peaks workouts do not show up on the drop down list in Zwift.

More info; I have found that the problem is limited to TP workout “plans” that I purchase and set into TP. If I create my own workout in TP it DOES show in Zwift on the proper day.

Another clue; my Zwift laptop app was very out of date, having not used it since the iOS app came out. When I updated the laptop app (for Mac) today, the purchased “plan” workout DID appear briefly on BOTH the lap top and on the iOS app (my iPad). But when I signed out and back into the iPad app in order to connect my sensors, it all disappeared again and won’t come back no matter what I do.

This really seems to be a Zwift software problem, not recognizing the plan daily workouts. It’s distressing that the forum discussion last year didn’t have a single response from Zwift and was never resolved. And equally as distressing that I haven’t had a real recognition of my problem yet from Zwift either except for 2 generic emails that merely regurgitated the FAQs and never directly addressed my issue.

C’mon Zwift; please help me fix this!

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Problem solved: thanks to Tim Cusick at Velocious Cycling and Lauren at Zwift for their help.

So it seems some of the “workouts” you might get in a purchased training plan on Training Peaks aren’t actually workouts but performance “tests”. These tests, by their nature, can’t have the targets filled in ahead of time and thus Zwift can’t use them as a “structured workout”.

To explain, see the two images below. The one labeled “VO2max test” doesn’t have any data in the “planned” fields nor does it have any bars for the “warm up”, “Main Set” or “cool down” sections. Zwift will not show this “workout”. Per the folks at TP, you hit “just ride” in Zwift and follow the written test instructions as best you can for that day’s workout. TP should record the data (assuming you’re apps are connected) for that ride into the test protocol.

For the screed shot labeled “Progressive Endurance Ride” you’ll see the necessary fields all have data. Zwift will recognize this as a structured workout that will appear and you can follow.