Trouble importing run workouts from 2peak

Hi all,

training platform ‘2PEAK’ offers function to export trainings to ZWIFT.
Regarding cycling this works quite properly, but has anybody successfully exported running workouts to ZWIFT so far?

Export/Import procedure:

  • Open running workout and click button ‘export to ZWIFT’
  • File is downloaded
  • Copy downloaded file into ZWIFT folder
  • open ZWIFT and select imported training in ‘custom workouts’ section

My problem:

  • 2peak export works and file is imported into ZWIFT
  • but imported training differs completely regarding duration, intensity,…

Have contacted 2peak support, but they have no solution.

Would be happy if anybody can share experience.


It seems that 2Peak isn’t an officially supported third party connection site for Zwift. I do see that 2Peak has a Facebook post explaining how to do the export.

While TrainingPeaks is a different site, I do know that purchased structured workouts from there don’t work for Zwift, so if it’s a structured workout from 2Peak, that may be why you’re having the issue.

Are the workout files .zwo files? .zwo files are usually the type of files used to add to Zwift.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

I know that FB post and it is actually only an explanation how to import cycling/spinning activities.
I tried to reproduce the process for running activities, hoping it will work. But it doesn’t - regardless of structured or non-structured workouts. Although exported workout files are .zwo files.

Taking into account, that similar problems appear for TrainingPeaks workouts, I think the problems are at least not caused by my personal setup.

Thank you and best regards