Trainingspeaks Plans to Zwift Problem

I received a training plan from my coach in Trainingpeaks.
Imported it to Trainingpeaks.
Checked out that there is a training for today in Trainingpeaks.
Than connected Trainingpeaks with Zwift.
Launched Zwift on my MAC.
Went to training / workouts - BUT NO TRAININGPEAKS workout available.

I then launched Zwift on my IPAD Pro.
Went to taining / workouts - at least there was a custom training folder, but with anything else inside than my Trainingpeaks workout.

I already deinstalled all Zwift and Trainingpeaks Software on MAC / IPAD / Android phone. Logged out from all Zwift and TP online websites. Reinstalled, logged in again - NOTHING.

What am I doing wrong?

I also have connected zwift to Garmin Connect - but it disconnected garmin at the very beginning of the process when I reinstalled everything. So thats not the issue.


Ah - ok - this was a cycling plan and I checked out running.
I found it now at ZWIFT cycling. So my mistake.



I moved a running workout to today’s TP plan. Hit refresh button at TP.
Then opened Zwift / running / training / workout and nothing.

So it doesnt import the custom running plan from Trainingpeaks.
Only the cycling plan work.


Running workouts only seem to work if they are by distance and not time and they are set with a % of threshold pace.

So I went to Trainingpeaks and tried to export the running workout and cycling workout manually.

What I realized was that if I export the cycling workout to file there is an option that the file is compatible to ZWIFT.

If I then try to export the running workout to file - this option for ZWIFT export is missing.

Ah ok thx - so I will try to give them a distance and pace.

Sorry but whats the % of threshold pace?

I gave my TS workout a distance and a pace. But no effect of ZWIFT.

'% Threshold pace 'is one of the options when you are building the workout in training peaks. Also, the workout only seems to appear for the day it’s scheduled - tomorrow’s workouts don’t appear in