Trainingpeak workout running wont show up in Zwift

Bike workouts work just fine.

Anyone know how to solv it?


Hi Christian,

The following works for me (assuming your Training Peaks and Zwift accounts are already linked if it works for bike rides):

  • Create a Training Peaks workout.
  • Select ‘Run’ for ‘Add Workout’.
  • Click ‘Build workout’ and use the following settings: Distance, % Threshold Pace, Target
  • Build workout with blocks, but ONLY use % Threshold Pace in the workout details editor
  • Name the workout
  • Schedule the workout on a future day in your TP calendar.
  • Login to Zwift on the scheduled day and the workout appears under ‘Workouts’ and ‘Training Peaks’ categories.

Hope that helps - Cheers, Alan

Big thx!
Works like a charm=)