Trainingpeaks workouts for running

I used Traningpeaks on Zwift for my runs on treadmills for last year without a problem, unfortunatedly last updates of the app I can’t used it because it doen’t appear on the Workout list, even I can’t create a Custom Workout… for Run, why?
This is clearly Stepback and I hope soon will solve the situation cause not i will train ussing other platforms, sadly.

I just started running on Zwift and was trying to get my TP wko’s to show but was having trouble until I saw a note saying that TP wko’s had to be created as “% of threshold pace”. I experimented by creating a structured workout in TP that was based on “% of threshold pace”. Then I switched to Zwift and the wko I created showed up under Custom plans. It’s a bit of a pain because I have to create a new “% of threshold pace” wko in TP for each of the running wko’s in my plan (plan is HR zone based) but, with a little bit of effort, it works just fine. Hope that helps!

That said, it would be great if Zwift would expand their interface w TP to be able to import HR-based, cadence-based, etc-based wko’s also. I would think that this expansion of capability should only be a small sw change on their side but I could be wrong.