Load Zwift Plan to TrainingPeaks

I want to load the six week FTP Builder into Trainingpeaks.

Is there some way, any way, to download the Zwift workout files.

I can convert them. I can load workouts into Trainingpeaks.

But I need Zwift to let me have the workouts. Or maybe someone has downloaded them and posted them as downloadable files on the Internet.

Please help me!

Thanks in advance.

I know the workouts sync after I do them.

I want to see the full plan and have a specific calendar in TrainingPeaks so Trainingpeaks can do it’s job - predicting fatigue and fitness, and targeting a date/event.

Hi @David_van_der_Goes

Welcome to the forums.

Not all workouts are available to download. If they are available I would say the best place to look is here: Zwift workouts and training plans | What's on Zwift?

I saw this same post from you in another thread. I can see the workouts but do not see an option to download a file anywhere on any workouts.

Assume I am really stupid. I mean like barely literate and I actually have another person using the computer to access these forums.

How do I download a file from “What’s on Zwift?” I have zero idea. Can’t for the life of me see how to do it.

I might need screenshots or specific words to search the page for using the “control-f” thingie.

Thanks in advance.

If the workout is available for download it will look like this:

Yeah. That is only available for “Custom Workouts” or as I can tell, workouts made by users, not Zwift. I cannot find a single workout from Zwift or a Zwift Training Plan that can be downloaded. What am I paying for?

What did I expect? Zwift is a game. Trainingpeaks is an actual coaching platform for actual training. Oh well.

Who wants my money? I will pay for the Six Week FTP Builder to be a downloadable set of files I can put into Trainingpeaks. I need a real plan with some expectations of results, load, fatigue, fitness, etc. Not some game.

I’ll start the bidding at $100. Post your asks here.

Thanks for your help.

Training plans are available for sale on trainingpeaks.com for less than $100. The Zwift plans are not that special. Some are good, many are junk. Example: Base Training with Lifting, 10 hours (12week) DJT | cycling Training Plan | TrainingPeaks

You can use the Training plans in Zwift that is created by Zwift.

Yes, I know. But the plan I want is the Zwift FTP Builder. Cannot buy that one. So I am saying I would buy it. I would pay for these Zwift Plans to exist in a format that Trainingpeaks can see what is happening and make predictions.

A blank calendar in Trainingpeaks just shows you getting out of shape. A filled calendar makes predictions and shows when your fatigue will be high and helps plan recovery weeks or whatever.

That is the best thing about having a real forward looking training plan.

Someone could program the Six Week FTP Builder and make it for sale in Trainingpeaks. I’d pay $100.

The problem is that ends up being retrospective. A plan by its very definition is prospective. Loading the plan into quality coaching software and seeing how it will likely impact your fitness is what matters. This is guessing.

Also, a preloaded plan shows when you missed workouts or failed workouts. It sends reminders and encourages consistency.

A plan that cannot be seen out into the future, is just a list a workouts.

Oh well. Games are games.

Here is what I have sorted out:

I used the What’s on Zwift database to build some of the workouts in Trainingpeaks. Honestly, it is a PITA. Two weeks down, four to go.

But here’s my “hack”…

In Trainingpeaks, I can build placeholders in a few seconds based on time and TSS. This allows me to look into the future and see what is reasonable at the end of the six week plan.

This way I can have a calendar with reminders and named workouts with associated TSS and time. Having a schedule is a must, for me.

And in my free time I can build more of the workouts in detail in Trainingpeaks - like when I am watching the Giro.

I still think a nice feature would be for Zwift to include the plans as Trainingpeaks plans. It is not that hard to make the plans available only to Zwift subscribers or, crazy idea, let people buy them.

Take my money!

Did you try http://zwofactory.com/ ?

Hi David,

I’ve just sent you an email.

This looks very promising. Thanks!

I’ll update you in a day or two.

And more THANKS!

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This is great stuff. Thanks for reaching out directly and be so helpful.

I’ll keep you updated.

Ride on!

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Thanks to everyone who tried to help. As it turns out there are only two choices:

  1. Build all the detailed workouts by hand in Trainingpeaks

  2. Build the simple time and TSS only versions I have been making as placeholders and do the associated Zwift workout on that day.

Trainingpeaks has no workout upload option. Only completed workout uploads.

**** Crazy idea that I am now testing:

If I do a workout it syncs, loads, appears, whatever, in Trainingpeaks no problem. I can copy and paste it to another day. That seems like it might work?

But then I would need to the exact same program twice?

Or have other users copy completed workouts into the shared workout folders on Trainingpeaks.

This is now a strange project for me. This thread may go on forever.

Another option (thinking out loud)

Why not just using trainingpeaks workouts.

I don’t think there is any magic in any workout the gains come from consistency and structure.