Import Zwift planned workouts into Training Peaks

Loving Zwift and just started using Training Peaks too.

I can’t find this anywhere but I’m sure someone will explain how if it is already possible…

I would like to be able to import the Zwift workouts into my Training Peaks account as planned activities in my calendar.  Can you add this feature please?  It would be great to be able to see what your planned Zwift workout regime will equate to in terms of fitness and fatigue, when to take breaks etc and be able to incorporate my other cross-training into it as well…



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It doesn’t look that hard. Someone would need to convert the XML formatted Zwift workout into the CSV that TrainingPeaks requires.

I found a link with an example on their “Compatible Device Files” page to use as a starting point.

I’m a Perl guy, so I’d use XML::xSV and XML::Tree to parse through it and write out the final CSV.

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Thanks David,

I’m not sure I understand properly (I don’t have any knowledge of software writing), but isn’t the link you shared related to importing workouts that have been completed? Or have I misunderstood?

I don’t know how to import any kind of file into Training Peaks as a plan - is this even possible?  It seems like you can only purchase them, or share ones you have made in the Training Peaks program.  Which is a shame as it takes ages to copy the Zwift plans manually into Training Peaks.

I want to be able to import the Zwift .wko files into Training Peaks.

Hey Stephen,

I’m a cycling/triathlon coach who also is interested in taking a Zwift workout and writing into a plan. Any luck?


Jake Brindle 

Any progress on this? I am trying to figure out the same thing. I want to have the workout plan in training peaks and I can’t find a easy way to do that

Found this and trying to get it to work: 


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