Download Workouts & Training Plans

Is it possible to download the workout or new training plan files?

It’d be nice for days when I can’t get on Zwift but am able to ride outdoors to import them into Todays Plan or Training Peaks rather than adding manually by hand.



I think all of them are here:



Gerrie, you rock!

Most of the workouts built into Zwift are uploaded on their site, even though we aren’t affiliated. They also have a huge collection of other workout files you can check out and download whether you want to use them in Zwift or would like to convert them to some other format and use them within other training platforms. We don’t host any kind of official conversion utilities, but a google search brings up quite a few.

David K

What about the new flexible training plans? I’m not seeing them yet on I realize it may take some time for that to be added. But with the offering of riding those workouts outside a download out of Zwift would be an added benefit, even if it were just an option to “share” the workout as a fit file from the companion app to be used on a bike computer.