Zwift plans download


I would like to train winter with plan “Build Me Up”. cause plan is quite long and intensive 4-5times a week, I have idea to download all *.zwo files of plan, and then manualy add it as custom workouts folder (if the plan is not already in static workouts), and then make myself excel plan for 2-3times week progress.
Where could i download ZWOs of this plan?


Welcome @Andrej_Jenko

This should help:

Thank you Gerrie. I know the site accutaly, but could not download zwo’s there(no optiopn). So the only option is to build it in zwift app one by one.

After I replied to you I went to look and saw that that particular plan is not available.

So yes building it will be your only option.

You can use this:

Also pleas vote for this request.