Todays plan and uploading training plan to zwift



I have a 16 week training program on Todays Plan, I do not have Zwift Beta and wondered how I export these files into Zwift? I am Mac based. I can see the Todays Plan templates but not my files. I have also registered with Todays Plan on Zwift. Hope you can help



There’s no way to directly import workouts from other programs in Zwift; the only files you can directly import are .zwo files that are created in Zwift using the custom workout editor.

If you know what intervals you need to do in a workout, you can create them in Zwift using the custom workout editor. More information on that is in the release notes from when that was added to the game.

if I understand the query correctly, you can download individual Today’s Plan workouts as .zwo files then put them in the Zwift Workouts folder on your Mac. Should be picked up by Zwift when you start up. Not sure if there is an option to download the whole plan - don’t think so. I expect that automated interface between TP and Zwift is coming. TP support will help further if you need it, very helpful people.