Today's Plan - Is there an easy way to populate workouts and rides?

I am a yearly subscriber to Today’s Plan, and use the workout builder. For ZA I would not be able to use this. Is there a way I can preload the workouts and rides into the library so I can plan my next five weeks out, or do I have to make templates for them?

This might help…you can definitely save the files onto your computer and then I THINK you can upload those files into Today’s Plan… I haven’t done it with Today’s Plan before, but I have done it with Training Peaks and I imagine it is the same

Thanks! I have the workouts in zwift, unfortunately, Today’s plan has no import function (none that is documented at least).

For now, I am putting in equivalent workouts to structure my week, and then deleting them before my actual work out.

a pain…

Oh man… sorry, that does sound frustrating. Wish I had a better answer!