Import Zwift workouts and trainingplans into Today's plan

Today’s Plan & Zwift work together when importing my workouts/trainingplan from Today’s Plan into Zwift. A new feature the otherway around, importing workouts and trainingplans from Zwift into Today’s Plans workout library would be perfect.

Before using Today’s plan I made a lot of workouts in Zwift and Zwift has plenty of interesting workouts. I would save hours of manually building workouts in Today’s Plan inspired on Zwift and my own build workouts.

Does anyone else has the same wish? Is it already possible? And if not, can it be build?

I have a very similar question. I really enjoy the Royal Classics Workout: Ardennes Men’s Race Royal Classic and would like to import that plan so I could ride it at my convenience in the future, since the plan is only being scheduled for one month and ends tomorrow. Thanks.