Closure of Today’s Plan and Removal of Integration [Feb 2024]

Today’s Plan sent an email to their customers in December announcing the end of their operations on March 12 2024. An FAQ for the closure can be found on their website.

Retrieve your workout data from Today’s Plan before they cease operations.

After March 12, you can no longer access your Today’s Plan account.

To import your data:

  • Log in to your Today’s Plan account and select your name in the top right corner.
  • Select ‘Account’ from the dropdown menu.
  • Select the download icon in the top right corner.
  • Select ‘Activity files’.
  • You will be sent an email with a link to download all of your files. This email will also be available from the inbox within the Today’s Plan App and Website.

A list of alternative training platforms are on their FAQ page.

Today’s Plan customer support team will remain available until February. Email them at

  • Zwift will begin taking steps to remove the integration with Today’s Plan in the upcoming Companion app version 3.54 release, and your profile web page.
  • You will no longer see the Today’s Plan connection icon in the save screen dialogue at the end of your ride.
  • The last day workouts will sync with Today’s Plan is February 15.

If you would like to import any/all of your downloaded files from Today’s Plan into Zwift, please see our support article on importing custom workouts.

I hope Zwift will add integration with other platforms now that Today’s Plan is gone. Having only Training Peaks is problematic, as it “forces” many to use that platform exclusively. As an athlete and coach, I don’t ever plan to go back to Training Peaks for several technical reasons, and also by how it is constantly trying to sell users training plans even if they have a coach.

I contacted Zwift HQ with a request to consider adding Final Surge, which many find to be very similar and in some ways better than Today’s Plan.


Hello. This is Juan, a Zwift colleague. Thank you very much for your valuable comments. There are a lot of things behind the scenes to build a connection between Zwift and a fitness third-party platform. In case there is a chance of adding a new platform, I encourage you to periodically take a look at this article to be updated on our third-party platforms.

$1 says it’s Wahoo :sweat_smile:


Today’s plan is still listed on there

Is there a plan to ever add support for ?