Train a SPECIFIC WORKOUT from a zwfit trainingsplan

i want to use one specific workout from a trainingsplan
how can i access the workout?

in my case i want to do “Breakfast Returns” from week11 of build me up plan.

the reason behind is that i got challenged from my girlfriend.
she is doing the build me up plan.
she said i wont be able to do this with my actual FTP and i want to show her the opposite.

Hi ■■■■■, I usually go to, search for the workout and manually enter each interval in the „workout editor“ within Zwift workout library. There you can enter the efforts in % of FTP.
Good luck!

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Not al workouts are available as separate workouts. But you can recreate them in Zwift or there are 3rd party apps that also work.



thx for the tips,
unfortunatelly zwift did not find my workout build with zwift wourkout editor from 3rd party.
i had to rebuild direct in zwift.

@zwift why is it not possible to train a workout from a trainingsplan??? thats annoying!