Using a specific workout on Zwift rather than enrolling in a training plan

Good Morning,

I would like to use specific workouts from certain training plans, as I do have the ability to start the training plan and do 3-4 sessions per week which the training plans require you to do.

As an example I would like to do - Multi sport mixer > Week 2 > Tempo with Finale

I have had a look on Zwift and because its part of a plan I cannot seem to skip the weeks and workouts prior this.

Any options, solution, very much appreciated.



All the workouts should be there as standalone offerings too, you just have to know where to look:

Hi Ricky,

Thank you very much…I was looking the workout for workouts named Multi Sport mixer, so did not think to look in the 4 wk FTP week 2. Is there a quick way to do where these workout exist so easy to find.



You can use the search function here: :+1:

Often the same workout is within 2 or more plans.

Thanks Ricky, I found that particular workout via that page and using the search facility, which pointed me to the Multi sport mixer which is not on the list of workouts but only plans, I can see, as your screenshot shows it also in 4 week FTP week 2 work out but is there a way to see a location of it outside of the training plan when using the search facility - hope that makes sense



The search function there is definitely a bit flaky, but it should come up…:

I actually found it straight from google (“tempo with finale zwift”) which took me to the page. None of it is ideal, but it’s there.

There’s a feature request somewhere for a search function within Zwift, plus an extra category of workouts like “most recent” or “favourite” so you could tag the ones you go back to regularly… at the moment though, I think if you’re in the zwift menus choosing a workout, and hit the icon to edit/copy a workout then immediately save it, it will put in in your “custom workouts” folder so you don’t have to find it deep in the menus again.

Brilliant thanks very much Ricky - Andy