Uploading rides from Training peaks to Zwift

(Dave Asher) #1

Could anyone help me? Is there anyway I can upload my planned rides from training peaks to zwift? I know there is a way but I’m struggling to find out how

For example my coach has set me this turbo set next week but I want to ride it on zwift:

4 x 7 mins @ 300 watts with 2 mins easy spin @ 100 watts

Could someone give me a step by step guide on how to do it please. Imagine you are talking to a 5 year old when you explain it to me :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance

(Nigel Doyle) #2

Why not recreate this workout as a custom workout in the workout editor within Zwift? Alternatively this online editor works a bit better:


(Dave Asher) #3

Thanks for getting back to me Nigel. Where about is the workout editor in Zwift. I can’t seem to find it?

Plus that link you sent me. How does that work?

(Jesper Rosenlund Nielsen [ZwiftHacks]) #4

This is a brief introduction from Zwift about this: http://community.zwift.com/news/2209-structured-training-just-got-a-little-easier-download-your-trainingpeaks-workout-to-zwift

Zwift also has a support page which shows you some criteria the workout must fulfil to sync to Zwift: https://support.zwift.com/en_us/trainingpeaks-workouts-BkefRybBX

(Nigel Doyle) #5

The following video might also help.